What is going to bring you closer to contentment today? Try one of these bodywork options…

Therapeutic Massage- An effective combination of therapeutic modalities including Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Massage in order to help facilitate one's own healing process.

Thai Massage- An ancient system of massage dating back over 5,000 years that incorporates moving and stretching the body into different positions while simultaneously opening the Sen Sib, or energy lines, that run throughout the body. This style of massage is traditionally done on a mat, while the receiver is comfortably dressed. It is a great opportunity to experience some of the benefits of yoga in a passive state of being.

Relax and Revive- A traditional Swedish/Circulatory massage, nurturing the power of the immune system while helping one's body combat the effects of daily stresses by circulating blood and lymph fluid and moving our prana, or life energy.

Reflexology- A therapeutic foot masssage based on the idea of energy channels or lines throughout one's body, connecting organs to body parts. Aids in the detoxification and rejuvination of the body.

Reiki- Assisting the body's inherent energy, or "Ki", in moving through the body in order to help restore the balance and energize the subtle energies of the body.

Come on over to my office or enjoy your treatment in the comfort of your home or hotel:

1 Hour: $95*
1 1/2 Hours: $140*
2 Hours (traditional for Thai Massage): $170*
*There is a $25 fee added to in home treatments; and an additional charge applies for travel outside of the Big Sky Meadow Village area. 

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